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1st  period for the EUMaster4HPC application WS 24/25 November 1,2023 until  December 14,2023 01 pm  
2nd period Jan 8, 2024 until  March 31, 2024, 01pm
3rd period  April 11, 2024 until May 31, 2024, 01pm
4th period Juni 3, 2024 until July 15, 2024, 01pm
Application deadline will be July 15, 2024.

Please note the different enrollment deadlines of the corresponding local (national) study programmes you have to enroll for if you are selected for the EUMaster4HPC program. These deadlines must be met.

Feedback of your application here will be 3-4 weeks after the application deadline of the current period

Information about the application process EUMaster4HPC   and also the curriculum and content  Student Page EUMaster4HPC

Urgent information


In the context of EUMaster4HPC, the application runs in two steps:

1. EUMaster4HPC (scholarship etc.)  
2. application and enrollment to one of the local master programmes:  

Only if both applications are positive, participation in EUMaster4HPC Programme is possible.

Regardless of this, you can always apply to the local programmes (without EUMaster4HPC Program – Funding)

When applying for the EUMaster4HPC Programme, the acceptance will not be made all-inclusive, but per university. This means that a positive selection may not be valid for all universities. You will be informed of this when you receive your acceptance.

Study programmes for the EUMaster4HPC of the universities concerned

Study programme per university
FAU: CE – Computational Engineering (MSc)
KTH: MSc Computer Science
UPC: Master in Innovation and Research in Informatics – MIRI
Uni.Lu: Master in High Performance Computing
Master in High Performance Computing (
USI: MCS – Computational Science (MSc)
Polimi: High Performance Computing Engineering (laurea magistrale – equivalent to Master’s Degree)
SU: Master’s in High Performance Computing (HPC)
Master’s in High Performance Computing (HPC) | Sorbonne Université (

Possible combinations for the 1st and 2nd year of study

Student mobility scholarships

Eligible students* will be awarded a “Mobility Scholarship” to support expenses inherent to the programme (travel and accommodation). Students must sign a scholarship agreement with the university to be able to receive the scholarship in amount of 5.000 €/year. 

Tuition fees

In order to achieve an inclusive and equal programme, the EUMaster4HPC will waive University fees for the eligible students*.

Summer school

The summer school is a mandatory part of the program:

Required Bachelor degrees for EUMaster4HPC

– Applied Statistics
– Bachelor of computer science and engineering
– Bachelor of Science (Special) Degree in Physics
– Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science and Engineering
– Bachelor of Technology, Electronics and Communication engineering
– Bachelor’s degree in Informatics Engineering – major Computer Engineering
– Bioinformatics
– biomedical engineering
– BSc Information and Computing Science
– Computational Engineering
– Computer Engineering / Computer Science
– Computer Science
– Computer Science and Engineering
– Computer Science and Mathematics
– Computer Science and Software Engeneering
– Data Science and Engineering
– Double major Mathematics and Computer Science
– Electrical and Computer Engineering
– Electrical and Information Engineering
– Electronic and Computers Engineering
– Electronics and Communication Engineering
– Electronics and Computer Engineering
– Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
– Embedded Systems Engineering
– Fisica (Physics in English)
– Informatics
– Informatics, Computer Engineering specialization
– Information and Computing Science
– Information Engineering
– Information Technology
– Informatique
– Major in Computer Science
– Matematica per la Finanza e l’Assicurazione
– Mathematics
– Mathematics and computer science
– Mathematics and Life Science
– Mathematics and Science Computer
– Medical Informatics
– Physics
– Science in Informatics
– Software & Information Engineering
– Software Engineering
– Statistics and computer science

*Eligible students

Students coming from Member States and Associated Countries that have chosen to become members of the Joint Undertaking and who comply with the programme requisites:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Montenegro, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.

Please also check the current countries at:

If your country is not listed here, you can still apply. However, a scholarship and waiver of tuition fees is then not possible.

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    Academic Degree

    Date of Birth


    2. Nationality

    Country of Birth

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    University entrance qualification

    Acquired on

    Acquired in

    Qualifying Degree

    Country of University

    Status of the studies

    Study period:



    File uploads (allowed filetypes: pdf, png or jpg)

    School-leaving certifcate

    Transcript of records

    If the transcript of records is not in a language of the EURO4HPC member states, please add a translation.

    Officially certified translation of the transcript of Records

    University certificate

    Or, if the studies are not completed yet:

    Certifcate, indicating the intended date of completion

    If the certificate is not in a language of the EURO4HPC member states, please add a translation.

    Officially certified translation of the university certificate

    Curriculum vitae (Resume)

    Letter of motivation

    English proficiency of at least CEFR B2 / TOEFL 85/ IELTS 5 or higher, not older than 3 years

    If you do not have a certificate at the moment:
    Please upload a statement that an English certificate will be submitted later or any other proof that can prove your English language skills - where the certificate should be uploaded.
    A valid certificate must be available at the latest when you enrol at one of the universities. The respective university will decide on the validity and necessity of the certificate at the latest.
    Certification of of proficiency in English

    Copy of passport/ID card

    Copy of residence permit for foreign nationals already domiciled in Switzerland

    You need to choose here your preferred university for your first Master year. However admission to one of these preferred universities is not guaranteed.

    Preferred university for your application

    Second university for your application

    Third university for your application

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